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Witch PClina

click4 | 10-finger system

reach your destination in just 4 appointments - stress-free & successful!

Creative elements such as images, language and colors, learning games, motivation, music, meditations and a pleasant, stress-free learning environment support the method and thus ensure quick success.

The 10-finger system with a holistic teaching method promotes fine motor skills, the ability to concentrate and spelling.

> 2000 begeisterte Teilnehmer*innen

> 14 Jahre Erfahrung

10-finger lockdown course

from grade 5
References: St. Ursula Gymnasium, Südvers Holding GmbH in Au, Rotteck-Gymnasium, ... and much more.


e.g. in your living room
Every participant needs a keyboard

PC or laptop with word processing program

(Internet is not necessary)

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