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Find out what chickens have to do with Lao Tzu, Confucius, Einstein & Co. Let your soul dangle.

Chickens are more human
than some think

and so this book is not just a gift for chicken lovers. 68 pages filled with partly surreal illustrations, stories, thoughts and interesting facts about the chicken.

Postkarte Hühner für die Seele
flyer_a6_mass-2-flyer alarm - huehner fu


"The real journey of discovery does not consist in discovering new landscapes, but in looking with new eyes." Marcel Prout

Cost: € 0.30

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Ines Fortenbacher

Graphic designer & IT trainer, mother (born 1969) to an adult daughter, divorced and a chicken widow.

A garden full of chickens. That was once. Marder & Fuchs have been up to mischief. Thanks to the chickens for a valuable, instructive and happy time, the author Ines Fortenbacher would like to dedicate the book "Chickens for the Soul" not only to her partner and daughter, but also to Edgar, Hanne, Uschi, Frieder, Schorschi and Ms. Meier, who will hopefully continue to be treated well in Chicken Heaven, cackle happily and give away joy.

Geschenkbuch "Hühner für die Seele"

Book: chickens
for the soul

Structured paperback
Size 17 x 17 cm

68 pages
21 color illustrations

Publishing house BoD / Twentysix

Cost: € 9.90

Free shipping

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