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Necklace "labradorite"

Necklace "labradorite"


"Labradorite" necklace / designer Jule Donner

Psychological effect

Supports and gives inner strength and stamina, strengthens self-confidence, reduces stress and fears, promotes memory and the ability to feel deep feelings.

The labradorite strengthens the aura and gives us a kind of happiness through its joyful play of colors.
Labradorite stimulates the imagination, improves the ability to remember what has been experienced and to visualize it again. F
ördert the imagination; helps to deal with traumatic childhood experiences; strengthens expressiveness and relieves mood swings; activates brain power; counteracts stress.

It has a very strong calming and balancing effect on the soul and relieves outbursts of anger .. They also help to an open and sincere partnership.
Selfish and self-centered people are reminded that they are not alone in the world. Those who tend to be strict will be reminded of what their own childhood was like.

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